Ford F-350

Ford F-350

The Ford F-350 is a multi-purpose pickup truck that serves well as a work truck as well as a personal use vehicle. This truck is available in two different engine choices, making the F-350 perfect for those in need of a hard working pickup.

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Used Ford F-350 Owner Reviews

2003 Ford F-350

I have a 2003 Ford F 350 with 190k on it and haven't had any problems with the 6.0l diesel. I have only replaced the rear wheel bearing and the front calipers. I change my own fluids earlier than they recommend and I drive it like I stole it. There is no upgrades on my truck!!!!!
by johnnieb38

Model Overview

The Ford F-350 is the perfect choice for those seeking a reliable truck capable of hauling or towing heavy loads. The Ford F-350 was first introdced in 1954 as part of the F-series and is still in production to this day. Throughout the years, the F-350 has undergone numerous cosmetic changes in order to embody a more aerodynamic and sleeker appearance that today's drivers prefer.

There are a number of different styles of selections available for the Ford F-350. It's important to keep in mind that the more customizations that are made the higher the MSRP is going to be. There are base models offering drivers enough features to satisfy their work needs, though having a longer cab would be beneficial should the need arise to transport crew members when working, or family members during personal time. Having a longer bed would also be beneficial for those who need to haul tools, materials, or other items necessary for their jobs.

The Platinum series Ford F-350 is the ultimate expression of luxury and style and will offer the best power for your working needs. You will receive a superior level of technology, in addition to pristine exterior features. 

Ford F-350 Safety Ratings 

Some of the safety features included in the 2014 Ford F-350 include traction control, tire pressure mounting, stability control, and front airbags. These safety features along with the F-350's consumer appeal and performance helped earn it the title of the Most Appealing Large Heavy Duty Pickup by J.D. Power & Associates in 2013.


  • This F-350 is a popular choice when commercial applications such as towing, hauling, or other requirements are necessary and a heavier duty truck is needed.
  • Drivers choosing the 2013 F-350 have a choice among five different trim levels including the base XL, XLT, the Lariat, the King Ranch, and the Platinum.
  • The 2013 Ford F-350 offers standard safety features, some of which include traction and stability control, front head airbags, dual front side mounted airbags, front seatbelt pretensioners, and child sear anchors.

In order to see the latest in technological advancements and model upgrades, begin with the 2014 Ford F350 when you begin your search. The various packages available as you work through the trim levels will not disappoint and you will soon see this truck is great for personal and work use.

In short, the Ford F-350 is an excellent choice if you prefer a truck over a car and want to satisfy your working and hauling needs. You can find an F-350 that fits your personal specifications, using a wide variety of search options including valuable search criteria available exclusively on