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CARFAX Used Car Buying Guide

  • History 101 - Car Ownership History and the Used Car Buying Process – If you're in the market to buy used cars, don't just ask how many miles it has – ask how many owners it's had, too.
  • Safety Ratings – View the auto industry's leading used car safety ratings, reliability scores and reviews in one convenient place.
  • Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) – See how to use VINs in the used car buying process.
  • Salvage Titles – Learn how a car becomes a salvage vehicle, how to detect salvage vehicles, and how to avoid salvage title fraud to buy cars with confidence.
  • Guide to Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) – You've probably heard the word "certified", but do you know what it means? Learn the ABC's of certified pre-owned (CPO) programs.
  • Used Car Buying Checklist – For some, buying a used car can feel like a bit of a gamble. These important steps will help put your mind at ease.
  • Airbag Safety – Deployed airbags are often not replaced correctly (or at all!). Before you buy a used car, learn how airbag fraud occurs and how to identify it.
  • VIN Cloning – Thousands of stolen vehicles every year are sold with vehicle identification numbers (VINs) that have been swiped from legally registered cars. Learn important steps to help reveal a potential clone.
  • Odometer Fraud – Advice on how to detect and avoid odometer rollback as you shop for a used car.
  • Flood/Water Damaged Vehicles – Flood damaged cars are often repaired cosmetically and sold to unsuspecting consumers. Read these tips on how to detect and avoid flood damaged cars.
  • Curbstoning – Watch out for curbstoners - they're out to fleece used car buyers. Learn how to protect yourself and avoid being taken.
  • VIN Decoding – Digits in a VIN tell specific information, including the vehicle's year, make, model, country of origin, assembly plant, and more. Learn more about VIN standards and decoding.
  • Vehicle Frame Damage – One of the most important safety features of your car is the one you can't see - the car's structure or frame. Learn about car frames and how to identify vehicle frame damage.
  • Frame vs. Unibody Vehicles – A frame or unibody provides a vehicle with structural strength and is used for mounting all the other systems that comprise the total chassis. Learn more about car frames.
  • Free CARFAX Reports – Learn how to get free CARFAX Reports throughout the used car shopping process - from browsing cars for sale online to looking at cars on a dealer's lot. A CARFAX Report provides general vehicle history and used car price guide to help you shop with confidence.