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Subaru is the automotive manufacturing division of Fuji Heavy Industries, one of the largest manufacturing companies in Japan. Subaru is well-known as the active person's car company with all but one of its vehicles on the market having all-wheel drive (AWD) as standard in North America and for the use of the smooth and reliable horizontally opposed ("boxer") engine design. Subaru is also known as one of the top contenders in Rallycross motorsports, with several World Rally Championships to the company's credit.

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Subaru Percentage 1 Owner

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The highest percentage of 1-owner Subarus are the outback and XV at 55 percent. Both the Forester and the Impreza offer 41 percent 1-owner used vehicles. 40 percent of used Subaru Legacy cars are 1-owner.  1 in 4 Bajas are 1-owner.

Subaru Percentage Accident Free

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2002 Subarus, all models combined, average 77 percent accident free. The percentage for 2006 is nearly the same at 80 percent. 2009 climbs to 89 percent and 2012 models collectively average 95 percent with no reported accidents.

More About Subaru

Subaru became a company in 1953, but its parent, Fuji Heavy Industries, was founded in 1915. The Subaru name came from Kenji Kita, CEO of FHI in the 1950s, who had always considered the Japanese name for the Pleiades star cluster to be romantic. To this day, the Subaru logo is comprised of the six stars arranged in an oval representing the Pleiades.

Subaru currently builds vehicles in Lafayette, Indiana at Subaru of Indiana Automotive. The plant is a designated backyard Wildlift Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation and has achieved a zero- landfill production designation, being the first automotive plant in the U.S. to do so. Nearly everything in the manufacturer's vehicles are recyclable and Subaru was one of the first automakers to create an "end of life" recycling plan for its cars. On average, Subaru vehicles are 97.3 percent recyclable. This and other environmental advancements by the company have earned it repeated Environmental Protection Agency awards, including the Gold Achievement Award in 2006.

Subaru is also well-known for its innovation beyond its exemplary environmental record, having adopted a unique controller technology for engine and body systems called CAN (Controlle-area Network) as well as for its use of the boxer engine type and its advanced AWD systems.