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Scion, a subsidiary company of Toyota, is a a relatively new car brand aimed at a younger demographic looking for affordable cars that can reflect the owner's personality. Scion cars come with bold paint jobs and a slew of options to customize.

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Scion Percentage 1 Owner

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60 percent of both the Scion IQ and the FR-S are available on the used car market as 1-owner cars. The XD stands at 50 percent 1-owner. Inventory of used TC and XB Scion models for sale are 39 percent 1 owner. The XA has the fewest 1-owner vehicles available at 24 percent. 

Scion Percentage Accident Free

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2004 Scions (all models) average 80 percent accident free. Interestingly there are fewer accident free 2007 Scions (71 percent). 2012 Scions average 93 percent accident free.

More About Scion

Scion is marque of Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc. It was announced in 2002 with two concept cars at the New York auto show. Then in 2004 the first models debuted, the Xa and Xb. the tC arrived in 2005. Where Toyota typically offers several trims from standard to luxury, Scion models have only one base trim. Scion buyers can easily select from a variety of color schemes and customize their vehicle by selecting various custom options including the style of tail lights, special wheels and wheel coverings, and other accessories to make the car one's own.

As GM's Saturn did before them, Scion introduced "no haggle" pricing which it calls "Pure Price." This means that the price you see in marketing or at the dealership is the price you pay, with no need to negotiate. S

Scion's design philosphy is to create models that trendy or cool, with bright colors, distinctive (some would say boxy) shapes. Recently, Scion executives discussed a shift in marketing to reach older buyers, with the target being 37 year olds. Ads that had been urban and gritty, now focus on real stories about real people and are meant to be hopeful and optimistic.