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Nissan Motor Co. was founded in 1934 and sells vehicles under the nameplates of Nissan, Infiniti, Datsun and NISMO. Nissan is ranked in the top ten automakers globally and is one of the fastest- growing brands in the United States. Although the Nissan corporate name is older than the current company, it was not associated with automobiles until Nissan's purchase of Datsun 1933 and the founding of Nissan Motor in 1934. The company, under the Datsun nameplate, entered the United States market in 1958.

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Nissan Percentage 1-Owner

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Of the most popular used Nissan models for sale, the all electric Leaf has 64 percent 1-owner cars, the Sentra 45 percent, and the Alitma 44 percent. 39 percent of the quirky looking Cube and the beefy Xterra SUV are 1 owner vehicles. 

Nissan Annual Percentage Accident Free

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Nissan cars, all models combined, average between 69 percent and 72 percent accident free for 2002-2005 cars. 2008 Nissans average 78 percent accident free. 2012 Nissans average 93 percent accident free.

More About Nissan

Since entering the U.S. market, Nissan has expanded into a truly global company in every sense. It allied with Renault in Europe in 1999 with the Renault-Nissan Alliance and current CEO Carlos Ghosn was named Chief Executive in 2001 for both Nissan and Renault. The two companies now share global facilities and supply chains. Management of Nissan has changed greatly over the past decade to include a diverse, trans-cultural team hailing for all points on the globe. Meanwhile, production facilities in the United States, Mexico, Europe, and Asia have grown quickly and Nissan now builds most of the vehicles sold in markets regionally with facilities in Tennessee and Mississippi, for example, building the majority of the Nissan-branded vehicles sold in the United States and Canada. Together, the Nissan-Renault Alliance accounted for nearly 8.3 million vehicles sold in 2013 globally.

Today, most vehicles sold are under the Nissan nameplate, but the growing Infiniti premium brand in the luxury market and the fast-paced introduction and growth of the NISMO in-house tuning brand is pacing overall growth and accelerating acceptance of the brand in niche markets. The Datsun name, meanwhile, is used as an entry-level brand in emerging markets such as India and former Soviet republics.

Nissan has been the recipient of numerous awards in the past few years, most notably awards for sustainability efforts and for its distinction of being the world's foremost volume leader in electric passenger car sales with the Nissan LEAF. In motorsports, Nissan is the largest factory racing team in Australia's SuperCar series, its Infiniti Red Bull Racing co-sponsorship in Formula One has resulted in many podium finishes, and its Fair Lady line of historic cars are now racing vehicles of choice in the 370Z and GT-R sports car platforms.