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The Lincoln Motor Company is the luxury brand of the Ford Motor Company, selling primarily in North America and the Middle East and soon to China. Lincoln was founded in 1917 by Henry M. Leland and absorbed into Ford in 1922. Being a premium automaker, Lincoln focuses on only a handful of current models, all of which are upscale, luxury offerings.

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Lincoln Percentage 1-Owner

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Looking for a used Lincoln model with the highest 1-owner percentage? That would be the MKt at 59 percent. The MKS and MKZ are close seconds at 51 percent. The MKX has 45 percent 1-owner cars available. The venerable Town Car has just 12 percent 1-owner cars availabile. Only 9 percent of used Lincoln Continentals are 1-owner cars.

Lincoln Annual Percentage Accident Free

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Lincoln's overall accident rate for all cars is 74 percent for 2002, rising to 80 percent for 2007 and reaching 94 percent for 2012 cars.

More About Lincoln

The brand's name comes from Abraham Lincoln, for whom Leland had voted in 1864. The company began as a Liberty aircraft engine manufacturer during the first World War and their ties with Ford were immediate, as the cylinders for those engines came from Ford. In 1922, Ford purchased Lincoln, but the brand operated independently into the early 1940s. The brand's first truly popular vehicle appeared at this time as the Lincoln-Zephy and the Continental in 1940.

Although the brand has had its ups and downs over the past century, it has largely remained steadfast in its popularity. When the Lincoln Town Car was introduced in 1989 as a new-generation, it broke all Lincoln sales records and the company saw its best year ever in 1990 with nearly 232,000 units sold. Incidentally, that was also the last year that a Lincoln was used as a presidential limousine, with that modified 1989 Lincoln Town Car limousine being currently on display in the George Bush Presidential Library.

Currently, the Lincoln brand sells about 100,000 vehicles annually. Lincoln's chief competitor is General Motors' Cadillac division. Lincoln markets two sedans, three crossovers, two sport utility vehicles, and two limousines in the U.S. Many of the brand's historic vehicles are prized collectibles as show cars and weekend drivers.