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Kia Motors Corporation is South Korea's oldest and second-largest automaker after its primary shareholder, Hyundai, and is most well-known in the United States as a brand that focuses on style and value. With advertising campaigns that target both young and old, Kia produces some of the most- recognizable vehicles on the roads today with the boxy, but well-loved Soul and the newly-designed and fast-selling Forte being just two of the company's top offerings in the North American market.

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Kia Percentage 1 Owner

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Half of all used Kia Souls are 1-owner cars. 45 percent of Optimas, Fortes, and Sportages are 1-owner. Looking for a Sedona? You'll find nearly 1 in 3, or 31 percent are 1 owner. The Kia with the fewest amount of 1-owner cars available is the Amanti at 13 percent.

Kia Annual Percentage Accident Free

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Year by year, all Kia models combine average about 72 percent accident free from 2002 to 2005 and rises to 93 percent accident free by 2012. The Sedona has one of the highest accident free averages among all Kia models, being 75 percent for 2002 and 95 percent for 2012, with a dip down to 73 percent in 2005.

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Kia says that their name comes from the Sino-Korean words "ki" and "a" which together mean "rising out of Asia." Founded in 1944, Kia began as a bicycle manufacturer, then branched into motorcycles, and finally into automotive in 1962. Kia's real start began with a partnership with Ford, then a partner with Japanese carmaker Mazda, but the company didn't enter the American market until 1994, with the introduction of the Kia Sephia and later the still-best-selling Sportage crossover. A year after entering the country, Kia had over one hundred dealerships and was selling more automobiles than some European rivals who'd been here for years. The Kia-Ford partnership ended in 1998 when Hyundai bought controlling shares of Kia.

Kia's vehicles are known for low cost and value, but more recently are gaining a reputation as being some of the most stylish on the road as well. With the opening of the company's first U.S.-based manufacturing facility in Georgia in 2010, the opening of a U.S.-based design office, and the hiring of German designer Peter Shreyer, the company began pressing forward with a new design language for its vehicles that has won numerous awards and accolades globally and boosted the company's overall sales in world markets considerably.

Kia is also known in the U.S. as a very visible sponsor of the National Basketball Association (including the WNBA), the X Games, and most recently of golfer Michelle Wie and the YouTube Music Awards. The recent introduction of the K900 marks Kia's first entrance into the luxury car market.

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