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The Jeep brand is one of the most storied and interesting in American history. Now a brand of Fiat Chrysler Autobiles, Jeep began as Willys MB, producing off-road vehicles for the U.S. military and then the Allied militaries of World War II. It is the oldest off-road brand in existence, producing its first civilian-use vehicles in 1945. Historians are unsure of the true origin of the Jeep name, but one of the most widely-accepted theories is that it is the slur of the military GP designation given to the vehicle in the war (GP slurring to "Jeep"). Others say it came from the common military designation of "test vehicle" at the time, which was simply "it's a jeep."

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Jeep Percentage 1-Owner

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41 percent of both the Jeep Compass and the Patriot are reported to CARFAX as having 1 previous owner. If you are looking for a 1-owner Grand Cherokee, you will find 38 percent of them are 1-owner. The smaller Cherokee has just 8 percent 1-owner vehicles for sale. 

Jeep Annual Percentage Accident Free

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For all Jeep vehicles the accident free rate is 71 percent for 2002 vehicles, dipping to 70 percent for 2003. It's 76 percent for Jeep vehicles in 2006, then climbs to 85 percent for 2009, and finally tops out at 94 percent for 2012.

More About Jeep

Whatever the origins of the Jeep name, it is a brand that has endured and enjoyed world renown and recognition throughout its history. The Jeep brand and vehicles were owned by Willys, Kaiser Motors, American Motors, and finally Chrysler in 1987. The brand has remained with Chrysler ever since and is now one of the company's fastest-growing brands thanks to aggressive marketing and the introduction of several model updates and new offerings.

Today, Jeep is recognized around the world as an off-road and sport utility brand, being sold in all major markets globally. Most recently, the Jeep brand has spearheaded some Chrysler technology introductions such as new diesel powertrains for light-duty vehicles and integration of fuel-efficient options for their global lineup. Special Jeep-oriented events around the nation and globe are sponsored by or encouraged by the brand, including the famous Moab Jeep Safari in Utah and the Jeep Jamboree, which is held by local chapters of the brand's fans around the world.

Vehicles from Jeep have won national and global press and design awards, including the coveted SUV of the Year designation from the North American press as well as SUV of the Year from the Texas Auto Writers group. Several J.D. Powers and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety awards also adorn the Jeep marquee's shelf.