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Honda is known for making well built cars that offer years of reliable performance and hold their resale value. The Honda nameplate signals engineering innovation, particularly in engine design and safety technology.

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Honda Percentage 1-Owner

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Looking for a 1-owner used Honda? Your best bet is the Accord Crosstour at 62 percent. Other popular choices include the Honda Fit at 50 percent 1-owner, the CR-V compact SUV at 46 percent, and the Civic (43 percent) and Accord (40 percent) with 1 previous owner.

Honda Annual Percentage Accident Free

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Honda vehicles overall are reported to CARFAX as accident free at 93 percent for 2012 models. Going back a decade to 2002 that average drops year by year to reach 69 percent with no reported accidents. The CR-V compact SUV has the best accident-free status at 95 percent for 2012 (73 percent for 2002). Honda Civics average 64 percent for 2002, 72 percent for 2007, and achieve 93 percent accident free for 2012.

More About Honda

In the 1980s and 1990s, the Accord and Civic struck an exquisite balance between practicality and performance and were perennial best sellers that held their value well on the used car market.  Honda cars and SUVs still make it onto many reviewers' Ten Best lists. Despite a few stumbles, such as the 2011 Civic falling short with car reviewers, continues to enjoy a great reputation for building dependable cars that are fuel-efficient, fun to drive, and have the latest in automotive technology. Honda also manages to produce designs that don't look dated even a decade later. 

Honda Motor is ranked by Forbes as #20 on its list of most valuable brands, and reports the company’s market capitalization at $72.5 billion as of May 2013. The company was founded in 1948 by Soichiro Honda, who built inexpensive motorcycles that ran on turpentine for the postwar Japanese public in need of affordable transportation. In the 1960s, Honda began producing automobiles, but it took the introduction of the Civic in 1973 to boost Honda’s growth as carmaker into the stratosphere. By 1982, Honda started making cars in a plant in Marysville, Ohio. In 1989 the Accord became the bestselling car in America. By 2001, Honda was producing 10 million cars in the United States and nearly 50 million cars worldwide.

Car and Driver named Accord to its 10 Best Cars list for a record 28th time. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) gave the Civic a 2014 Top Safety Pick Rating. U.S. News & World Report named the 2014 CR-V "Best Compact SUV for the Money." KBB named the 2014 Accord, Accord Plug-in hybrid and the Civic Si best in their segment for resale value. Year after year, Honda vehicles earns awards for resale value Case in point, for 2013 ALG gave Honda its Residual Value Award for the Mainstream Brand segment.

Honda Awards

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