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GMC Yukon

The GMC Yukon is a full-size, truck-derived SUV capable of seating anywhere between two and nine occupants. A rugged and robust vehicle, this SUV can haul gear and tow big loads. The power, space, and capability of this workhorse are packaged in a strong profile with a V8 engine at 320 horsepower. But you will not be left alone to cope with fuel economy—the Yukon's efficiency technologies such as active fuel management and variable valve timing allow the vehicle to efficiently optimize power and fuel based on your performance needs. For additional fuel economy, you can opt for an older Hybrid model, such as the 2013 version, which comes with a V8 gas engine and two electric motors. CARFAX provides the specs on the new and pre-owned models and can give you the specific information you need to decide if a GMC Yukon is the right car for you.

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Used GMC Yukon: In Depth


Named for the famed Canadian province, the Yukon is a brand that took over two older Chevrolet and GM SUVs called the Blazer and the Jimmy. In 1992, GMC re-branded the Jimmy as the Yukon and in 1995 Chevrolet rebranded the Blazer as the Yukon. With a true truck chassis, the Yukon was designed to bring a long-haul capability to the convenience of an SUV.

Models starting in 2003 have "StabiliTrak" stability control, XM satellite radio, a DVD entertainment system, and BOSE audio. These luxury features help the Yukon balance modern conveniences with the workhorse performance of the vehicle. Also, you will notice that the Flex Fuel engine first became available in the 2002 model, so that year is a good place to start searching for a pre-owned Yukon.

Highlights of the newest GMC Yukon includes digital information and entertainment technology. You have a touch-screen navigation system with map views, a built-in hard drive with 30GB of storage for music, and SiriusXM for traffic and weather. With the myGMC owner app you have the ability to locate your car from a distance, check fuel levels before you hit the road, and gain access to essential vehicle information—all in the comfort of your home. Bluetooth hands-free technology and a rear vision camera system help you keep your focus on the road.

The GMC Yukon is engineered for a quiet ride with inlaid doors and mirrors built to reduce wind noise, a laminated windshield, and triple sealed doors, resulting in a restful driving experience. The Yukon also features a valved exhaust system that drastically reduces interior noise and vibration. Let your kids catch up on their sleep while you safely and securely get everyone where they need to go.

Built for power and hauling big loads, the GMC Yukon is an SUV for those who need four-wheel drive, towing capacity, and lots of cargo space. Today's families, with busy schedules and lots of gear, would match up well with a Yukon. Drivers with big loads who also need a strong engine and the ability to take on difficult terrain will appreciate a Yukon for its toughness and size.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gives the 2014 Yukon five out of five stars for side and frontal crash worthiness. Safety features on the new Yukon include six air bags and available side blind zone alert, AutoTrac four-wheel drive, and OnStar automatic emergency assistance.


US News and World Report ranks the 2014 Yukon #4 in Affordable Large SUVs.

Vehicle Overview

Number of Owners GMC Yukon

Carfax Facts

According to CARFAX records, 34 percent of used GMC Yukons have only had one previous owner. 37 percent have only had two previous owners. This means that close to 2 out of 3 used Yukons have only had 1-2 previous owners.

Average Odometer Reading

Carfax Chart

If you're looking for a used GMC Yukon with less than 100,000 miles, start your search with the 2007 model year.

2014 GMC Yukon

  • From $44,455
  • 5.3 liter Vortec V8

  • 15 city / 21 hwy mpg

  • Four Wheel Drive
  • Six-speed automatic

  • 320 hp

  • 116 inches

We bought a used Yukon believing the mileage was accurate and the vehicle was a godsend. WRONG!! We came across CARFAX and entered in the vin# of our dream car. And to our horror the vehicle it turns out was from an auction and had the odometer rolled back.

—Debra Burns