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You can really bargain the price when you know the history

I found a car online that said to me, “I’m what you were looking for all along.” It seemed too good to be true. So I signed up for CARFAX to determine if that was so.

When I got my report, I learned that the car had been in two wrecks and had suddenly appeared in Valley Park, MO, after having spent all of its previous life on the East Coast, especially in the New York (city) area. Remembering that a hurricane had struck that area just last year and that my parents had lost two vehicles to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, I knew I’d better have the car examined by a really good mechanic. Since I live in what’s called the “St. Louis Metro East” (on the Illinois side of the Mississippi River, I used Angie’s list to find a reputable shop in Missouri to examine the car.

When I got the mechanic’s report, there were no obvious signs of salt-water damage. The mechanic pointed out that the car’s mileage dictated a major mileage-based service interval. This information balanced the low selling price for the car. I was able to use this information to negotiate an acceptable reduction in the final purchase price.

Thank you, CARFAX, for alerting me to significant events in my car’s life. I was able to bargain down the price, which left me part of the price needed to restore this car to prime condition. I expect it to serve me well for perhaps another 100,000 miles.

–S. Kimble

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