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Without CARFAX I would have been tricked by an odometer rollback.

My story started when I needed to buy my wife a used car. We bought a five check CARFAX, just in case the car that she wanted didn’t work out. The first car that she picked was perfect–even the CARFAX was perfect–so we thought that we spent the extra money for nothing. One month later, my son needed a car, and we found several that weren’t quite right. Then we found “The One.” It was perfect! Low mileage, no big body dings, and most importantly the A/C worked in the 1994 Mercury. The only problem was that the check engine light was on. However, in NC if the car is older than 1995 that doesn’t matter. NC requires an emissions inspection, but if the check engine light is on it will automatically fail and you won’t be able to renew the registration.

There seemed to be something that was too good to be true with this car, and when we finally got the VIN number after two days of back and forth I ran a CARFAX check on it, and boy was I surprised! The odometer had been rolled back, it was a ’97 instead of a ’94, and it had failed the emissions inspection three times in the previous year! We almost bought a car for my son that would have needed at least $500 worth of work before we could even get it on the road for him! CARFAX is absolutely awesome!

-Aaron W.

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