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We thought we had found “that” car until we ran a CARFAX

My son and I were looking to buy a used car that was inexpensive but in good condition and reliable. We thought we had found that car from a local mechanic in our town. Something was bothering me so I decided to [run] a CARFAX. The odometer on this car read 113,000 miles. When I started reading the report it looked unlikely that was the correct mileage. I saw that the car had been taken into a dealer a year or so before so I called them and found out that at that time the odometer read 194,000 miles. It was then sold to another person who came into the mechanic to have work done and the mechanic says that the odometer read 89,000 miles. He serviced the car for the next year and a half until the owners decided to sell it. Although we were spared, I don’t know if he passed that info onto other people who were looking at the car.

I decided to buy the multiple CARFAX package and we finally found a great car [and] so far everything seems to be fine. We will be having our mechanic check it out in a few days before the final purchase.

Carfax is a great investment!

One thought on “We thought we had found “that” car until we ran a CARFAX”

  1. So, how does a bad history affect you? Theyre selling a nice mustang close to where i live, the only.priblem is its been crashed before. How will this affect me specificslly?

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