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The CARFAX scared the scammer into giving my money back

Well, thanks to CARFAX I was able to get out of a purchase of a car that on the dashboard [read] 72,000 miles, but when I checked the CARFAX history the car had 167,000 miles back in 2009, the car was a 1999 model.Thanks to CARFAX I printed the history, showed it to the seller and he gave my money right back!

Thanks CARFAX!

One thought on “The CARFAX scared the scammer into giving my money back”

  1. I bought a used car from a reputable dealer, rececived the CARFAX reports and even went online, entered the vehicles Vin # to check if there had been a report of air bag deployment. Your reports and your sight all stated no air bag deployment had been reported. However, I took this vehicle to another reputable dealer for some repairs and asked them to check on the airbag light because it would not go out. They reported to me there were no airbags! I had no idea I bought a car without airbags. It is frustrating that your sight has no record of this.

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