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The CARFAX saved me thousands in taxes alone!

As a Canadian, CARFAX is critical to the car shopping experience because of the distances involved. One can get all the information about the car through CARFAX, and all the information about the dealership selling the car through ebay.

I was looking at buying a BMW, which one would assume came from Germany, and this is where the CARFAX really helped me out. While there are BMW’s that come from Germany, this particular one was listed on CARFAX as being a US-made vehicle. This proved to be the tipping point for me, because under the North American Free Trade Agreement I saved 7% duty when I arrived at the US/Canada border. That amounted to thousands of dollars. The investment in the CARFAX report was returned more than 50 times over just in the tax savings. I wish I could get as good a return on my stock choices.

-Frank B.

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