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The CARFAX Report helped me, AND the previous owner.

I found a 2009 BMW 528xi that looked awesome and I felt the person I was going to buy it from was trustworthy and honest. He said the car came with a BMW warranty, and that because he bought it through a BMW dealer it was certified. Just before I was going to buy it, I got a CARFAX report. The CARFAX showed that the car had been in an accident with $17,000 worth of damage. The owner didn’t know about the accident–he thought that because it was certified, it was clean.

When I shared the CARFAX Report with the owner, he was shocked. I told him I was going to pass on the car because of the damage. He actually went back to the dealer and received a total refund, even though he had purchased it a year earlier. The owner thanked me for sharing the information on the CARFAX Report with him. If it hadn’t been for the CARFAX I would have bought a car I thought was totally accident-free.

-Rich R.

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