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The Car and the CARFAX Were Too Good to Pass Up!

My Toyota Corrola was 7 months away from coming off lease. I had never leased a care before so I wanted to find out what my options were. I stopped into the Toyota dealership where the lease termination expert assisted me. He told me that my best option would be to purchase the car because the mileage on it was so low. I explained that the car was not suitable for my needs (I have two Labrador Retrievers), and pointed to a car in the parking lot insisting THAT car was more suitable for me. It was a Subaru Outback that had been traded in just two days earlier. It had not even been completely prepped for sale yet! I took it for a drive, we settled on a price, and I told the salesman that the only thing holding up the sale was that I wanted a CARFAX. Now I am the proud owner of a gorgeous Outback that my dogs love riding in, and I still cannot believe Toyota purchased me out of my lease with 7 months to go!  I wasn’t even looking to buy a car that day, but the car and its CARFAX were just to good to pass up!

-Christine A.

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