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Since this experience, I have never bought another car without a CARFAX Report.

We were looking hard for our son’s first car. We were willing to spend about $2,500 if everything checked out. We finally found at 1996 Toyota Corolla with about 150,000 miles within our price range, so we went to check it out. We test drove the car, and it ran smoothly and seemed great. We didn’t have time to run a CARFAX Report before we went down. After the test drive three other people showed up to buy, so my husband made the decision to just buy it.

After owning it for a few weeks our son started mentioning some things were loose on the dash and the car was running rougher. I drove it and realized it was running like garbage and the dashboard around the gauges was loose. My first instinct was to run a CARFAX Report, and sure enough the last mileage reported 8 months before the sale of the car was about 200,000 miles. After that it showed the smog test and our purchase with mileage reading approximately 150,000, and a note by CARFAX saying that the mileage did not match.

I immediately called the DMV to report it, and went back to the seller to get our money back. The man who sold us the car was out of town, so his wife handled the transaction. She had no idea about the odometer tampering, so we were polite and she gave us our money back. The woman at the DMV told us to check the box on the title that the mileage did not match, so we did, and now the seller can’t sell the car to another unsuspecting person without disclosing the correct mileage.

We have since bought my son a car and the first thing we did was run a CARFAX Report. I have never bought another car without one!

-Daria S.

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