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Saved From Buying an Unsafe Car!

We were doing a job out of the country (Honduras) that was to last several months. Good rentals were hard to come by and when you could find one they were very expensive. We decided it would be more cost effective to buy a vehicle, drive it for a couple months then sell it.

We were very excited to find a very nice-looking Nissan Pathfinder that was owned by a reputable real estate company. We agreed on a price, but before wire transferring them money we went on-line and purchased a CARFAX. What we found was shocking! The car had not only been totaled once from a head on [collision] with a guardrail but it was totaled a second time due to a roll over and given a USA salvage title.

When we told the real estate company what we found they were shocked and said, “well we have only had the car for a couple months and really knew nothing about it’s background!” I think you got two lifetime customers that day, one from the real estate company and our company.

Thanks CARFAX for steering us away from what would most certainly have been a problem vehicle, not to mention the safety issues too!

What a great investment!

Best Regards,

Robin King

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