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I Was Able to Avoid Wasting Any Time

*+-I was looking for a used SUV that was roomy, 4-wheel drive and looked nice. I bought the 5 CARFAX package and started my hunt. Using CARFAX I was able to avoid two scams and two cars that looked good but had bad histories. My final CARFAX was used on a good looking Isuzu Trooper […]

My Search For a Used Car Paid Off

*+-Thank heavens for CARFAX! It saved me from what could have been two costly mistakes. The first was a used car that looked great but after accessing the CARFAX [report], I discovered it [had been in] three accidents, been through 10 owners in nine years and to top it off, had been in a hurricane/flood […]

Fourth Time’s the Charm

*+-I did use CARFAX to purchase our most recent car. In regards to potential cars we were interested in the CARFAX reports turned out as follows: 1st) Odometer Rollback 2nd) Odometer Rollback 3rd) Salvage/Rebuilt 4th) Clear None of these cars were advertised as having any of the above problems. Thank you CARFAX! I did wonder […]

Saved From Buying an Unsafe Car!

*+-We were doing a job out of the country (Honduras) that was to last several months. Good rentals were hard to come by and when you could find one they were very expensive. We decided it would be more cost effective to buy a vehicle, drive it for a couple months then sell it. We […]