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CARFAX made my car buying experience stress free.

*+-I had been looking for a good used truck, and after listening to co-workers talking about buying online I was tempted, but a little afraid of the whole process. I decided to try it out anyway, and I eventually found a truck I was interested in. I decided to use CARFAX, and when everything checked […]

“I’m very thankful for CARFAX.”

*+-I’m very thankful for CARFAX. I was looking for a new car, and through the CARFAX Report I discovered that the odometer in the 2006 Toyota Highlander I had purchased had been rolled back from 189,000 miles to 96,000 miles, and it had been in an accident. I bought the car at a very low […]

“CARFAX is the only report I have trusted.”

*+-CARFAX is the only report I have trusted, and  I have bought multiple cars using it. I was looking for a used Honda Accord. I contacted a lot of individual sellers, but the information they provided and the information on the CARFAX didn’t match up. CARFAX definitely helped me in choosing my new car. -Mitesh […]