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We feel safe knowing our daughter is safe

My daughter graduated from high school in May.  Her mother and I were looking for a good quality car, one that would not break the bank but still satisfy her needs. We wanted something reliable and trustworthy. I had never used CARFAX before.  We ran the CARFAX and the report indicated the car was never wrecked, flooded or anything wrong with it.  Even some of the maintenance records done by professionals were included in the report as expected.  What we got was an beautiful Nissan Extera – 2001 model in excellent condition.

We are very pleased with CARFAX and the money we spent was well worth it to give us peace of mind that the car we were putting our daughter in was safe and reliable. I will never buy another car again without checking CARFAX firsts.

Thank you CARFAX.

-D. and R. Castleberry

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