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My CARFAX Report saved me from buying a lemon.

I am a single woman that owns a 2003 Volkswagon Hatchback, and was looking to upgrade to a later model with a convertible top. I searched and Auto Trader, and after much research narrowed it down to three. One of these cars was for sale from an individual owner, and I decided to pay for a CARFAX. In pulling the CARFAX, other cars popped up in the area that my e-mail originates from that I had not had access to from or Auto Trader, even though I included that area in the search by mileage from where I live. One of those cars seemed like just what I was looking for, and I was pretty sure it was the one I wanted. However, I took the time to study the CARFAX and realized with the mechanical history it was most likely a lemon or a problem that a woman without a mechanic as a good friend would not want. I might be sitting on the side of the road right now waiting for a wrecker if it had not been for the CARFAX. In retrospect, the orignial car I was looking up checked out perfectly with what the owner told me, but I procrastinated too long and lost that one. When I do buy it will not be without a CARFAX Report.

-E. Stiles

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