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Love the new CARFAX Mobile App!

My wife and I were looking to buy an Infiniti G35. There were not many to chose from locally, so we had to drive a few hours away to look at several different ones for sale. We ordered our CARFAX package so that we could use it for up to 5 vehicles and even downloaded the App for my smart phone. With the App I was able to scan the bar code in the door of the vehicle and had a car fax at my fingertips in seconds. What a great tool. Knowing I could be confident about a purchase even when far from home was great. The look on the owners faces was priceless when I scanned the bar code and told them I was just checking CARFAX. Well worth it for the peace of mind. I got exactly the car I wanted and couldn’t be happier.

Thank You CARFAX!

-P. Hare

One thought on “Love the new CARFAX Mobile App!”

  1. I truly love CARFAX, just bought a used Lexus RX330 and the system helped me choose the best car among 30 options or so. Carry on folks )))

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