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It’s so nice when a private seller offers a CARFAX

I recently was in the process of purchasing a 2004 Ford Lighting [and] had agreed on a price and had a certified check made out to the seller with plans on picking up the truck the next day. The morning of the day of the purchase I had called the seller for my driving instructions, needed to do a MapQuest before leaving [as] it was a 6-hour drive one way. My mechanic had told me to to run a CARFAX. I was not so eager to do that, but when the seller did not answer my call I did so only to find out that I would be the 8th owner and there was air bag deployment in 2003 with sever front end damage. As I am reading the CARFAX the phone rings with the seller to give my directions. I asked him if he ran a CARFAX when he purchased the truck. He [said] that his brother-in-law did so and that he was out of the country at the time of the purchase. So I read him my CARFAX; to his disbelief he knew nothing of any problems replying it runs out fine and handles great.

That spooked the deal for me and a few weeks later I found a 2000 Ford Lariat Flareside with 40,000 miles advertized with a CARFAX report with 1 owner with no issues. I was sure glad I ran that CARFAX and [will] be sure to do so in the future before I agree to purchase anything.


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