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“It’s a small cost compared to the cost of a bad car.”

My oldest son totaled his car in March of this year, and needed to find a new one as quickly as possible. He looked on Craigslist and found one he liked, but since we didn’t know anything about the seller we got a CARFAX Report, just in case. The CARFAX was clean and the car ran well, so he bought it. At the end of July I totaled my car, and needed a replacement for it quickly. I remembered how great my first CARFAX experience was, so I purchased the 5 Report package. After test driving a few different cars and running CARFAX Reports on each, I started to lose hope. Finally, I found the perfect car. The seller was honest with me about everything, and everything he told me was verified on the CARFAX Report. I am so grateful to CARFAX for helping me find the right car. It’s a small cost compared to the cost of a bad car.

-Marilyn C.

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