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“In a nut shell, CARFAX gave me peace of mind.”

In a nut shell, CARFAX gave me peace of mind. I had done all of my research in looking for a safe and quality vehicle for my 16-year old daughter. She had her hopes set on a Chevy Avalanche, not your normal vehicle for a 16-year old girl, unless of course she tows a horse trailer. I narrowed down the years and models to avoid through some online research, but there was still the nagging question as to the quality and history of the individual vehicle we found. I was amazed at how thorough the CARFAX Report, and happily read through years of clearly listed service reports. I contacted one of the the centers that serviced the vehicle, and they were able to comment on the condition and quality of the vehicle and assured me that I was making a good purchase. Thank you for your product.

-Scott B.

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