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I turned to CARFAX to get the history

With three daughters finally graduated from school and my financial commitments to them easing up,  I decided to act on my dream of getting a motorhome.

I shopped ‘used’ to save some money too.  So after some intense web surfing across the USA  I finally found the right RV at the right price.

The Itasca Sunova I found was in Florida, a mere 2400 miles from my happy home.   The motorhome looked great in the write up and pictures but I wanted more assurance before I packed my bags and booked my one way flight.  I turned to CARFAX to get the history and was pleased to see it come up clean and that was the deciding factor for me.

I made my long distance purchase, flew out with my wife and had a great adventure (and piece of mind) driving my new toy cross country from the east coast to the mountains in Utah.  Thanks Carfax!

-Tom from UTAH

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