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I finally found the car I had been searching for

I had been tracking for several months to locate a red SLK 350 within 250 miles of my home. I had also purchased a CARFAX package to receive reports when needed. The CARFAX report on one car showed that the owner had listed the mileage at over 10,000 miles below the recorded actual mileage and had also failed to list an accident the previous year.

Several weeks later, while going through, I noted a certified red SLK 350 that had been posted by a dealer about 200 miles from my house earlier that day. There were no photos and very little information about the car. I requested a report from CARFAX and found the car to be in excellent condition with very low mileage. I contacted the dealer that afternoon and received several photos by email later that evening. After further telephone discussions about the car, I put $1,000 down pending my inspection and drove to the dealer’s four days later. Activities with the dealer went very well and I drove the car home that evening, having made the purchase well below KBB. Excellent timing in reviewing Auto along with an immediate printout of the CARFAX report led to an incredible deal – the dealer had the car less than a week – the car was sold as a certified Mercedes with very low mileage – and I found the car for which I had been searching.

Thanks CARFAX.



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