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I couldn’t tell if the car would be bad news, but CARFAX could

I was trying to find a car for my son since he just got his license. We found a nice Honda Accord. [The] car checked out just fine through the CARFAX history report [so] we bought the car. You may ask why was it this easy?  We researched a previous Toyota Camry for my son, [but] CARFAX revealed it had been in a major accident. The owner did not disclose this information at all–CARFAX saved me on that one.
Also about 5 years ago  I was looking [for] a car for my other son. We found a really nice, clean  Toyota 4-door. This car was so clean you could eat off the engine. There wasn’t a piece of dirt anywhere on the car . The owner stated it had  125,000 miles on the car. That’s not too bad since a Toyota can last a long time even with high miles. Well I put the VIN number in CARFAX  and found the car actually had 385,000 [miles] through DMV records. Sometimes people can detail a car and make it look really nice on the outside, but hide details about the inside.  Thanks CARFAX you saved me [from] lots of headaches and money on that one too!
If  I ever need to research another vehicle I’m signing up for CARFAX first thing.

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