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From now on I will always use CARFAX before buying a used car.

I bought a car last year from an auto broker. It was overpriced for the amount of miles  on it, but I just had to have it. I asked for a CARFAX and they told me they would run an autocheck, which is the same thing (wrong!). I had the car for about a year when it started giving me problems. So, before it got too serious I decided to trade it in for something with less miles on it. I came to find out that the car had had major structural damage in the past, which was not shown to me on the autocheck. The dealership I was trying to purchase from said any reputable dealer would not accept a car like that for a trade in. I was stuck! After much deliberation the broker I bought it from finally resolved the situation and traded it in for another car. This time I refused to buy before I ran a CARFAX!

-Victoria W.

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