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CARFAX saved us from buying a headache

CARFAX saved us from buying a junk! It looked like as great car [with] decent mileage for the year, nice looking body and very clean. A CARFAX report told us the mileage was over 100,000 more than shown, the car had been in 3 accidents and the emission would not pass in our state. All in all CARFAX saved us from buying a headache!



-E. Svolto

One thought on “CARFAX saved us from buying a headache”

  1. I think it’s a disgrace that the tactics used by Freeport bmw used cars using a bait car u call they tell u car Is here on lot for sale.then u get only to find out it was sold early that morning by an employee no less.only a half hour between call and arrive at dealer

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