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“CARFAX saved the day by providing the true mileage.”

We wanted our son’s first driving experience to be enjoyable, not filled with the frustration of breakdowns and expensive repairs. We wanted the vehicle to be used, but reliable. CARFAX was the first thing that came to mind when our son found a Cavalier for sale on the side of the highway. We stopped and collected the car’s information from the seller, including the advertised mileage. After running the report we discovered that the last reported mileage was over 100,000 miles more than advertised! The owner then said the odometer had been replaced, but he couldn’t provide us with the name and phone number or address of the business that serviced the vehicle. Whether or not the odometer had really been replaced, we cannot say, because our trust had been broken and we decided not to purchase. CARFAX saved the day by providing the true mileage. When you don’t know the person you are doing business with it’s nice to know that you can rely on CARFAX to prevent being taken advantage of.

-Amber M.

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