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“CARFAX saved me from buying costly RV’s that had a damage history.”

After searching the classifieds for motorhomes I found one that was a perfect fit for us. CARFAX was my first stop after the primary phone call to the seller. The three previous units I had been looking at were discarded due to damage. CARFAX saved me from buying costly RV’s that had a damage history. I could have lost $30 thousand in resale value on a damaged unit. Thanks CARFAX!

-Brian D.

4 thoughts on ““CARFAX saved me from buying costly RV’s that had a damage history.””

  1. Recently bought a 2002 very high mileage car. (I refuse to pay new car prices.) The CARFAX showed a perfect Maintenance record. I won’t buy without checking the CARFAX first. Currently in the market for a used RV.

  2. I recently purchased a used upgraded motor home. Going through all the papers that came with it, I soon realized that I was the 3rd owner. The dates on all the upgrades, satellite dishes, blu ray, new TV’s, new antenna, surround sound system, and satellite radio as well, made me believe that these are all relatively new. Tv’s upgraded to HD, digital, because it’s a 05 vehicle. Must add, in excellent condition, with all the bells and whistles. I was curious because of the satellite domes on the top and would they work with the newer digital. I have to say, that $$$$ of dollars was put into this by the previous owner and am really happy to have all these pluses….I just had to be sure, so I went to Carfax…And am really glad I did….

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