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CARFAX Saved Me From A Salvaged Car

I was searching the San Diego Craigslist for a used car, and I saw a 1989 Bronco II for 1500 dollars. The seller wrote that it only had 82,000 original miles on it.  It raced through my mind that this could be a really good price for a fun car with low miles. Because I’ve been told that about 50% of cars sold in San Diego are “salvage” I decided to invest in CARFAX to check out this Bronco.  I asked for the V.I.N. and, to my surprise, the seller gave me the number over the phone.  It surprised me because I found out by checking CARFAX that the Bronco had many previous owners in 3 [different] states, was “salvage” and the actual mileage was almost 200,000!! Thanks CARFAX!!


-Keith Neblett

One thought on “CARFAX Saved Me From A Salvaged Car”

  1. In the past i bought a 2002 bmw 330i i had the dealer show me the car fax ,but the car fax did not show the car was in a accident.Car fax failed me on this.I had so many problems with the car and the toyota dealer knew it and did not bother to tell me anything.I ended up giving the car back to the bank and it was not worth keeping. Carfax does fail and does not show things sometime,but not all the time.Double check the car yourself and send it to the body shop to get inspected because carfax may fail to show you.

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