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CARFAX quickly fixed a mistake on my car’s report.

My CARFAX story involves selling a car. When we took the car to the dealer they pulled up the CARFAX sheet for it and pointed out that we’d had an accident with an airbag deployment, making a lowball offer for the trade in. While we had, in fact, had the accident, the airbags had not been deployed, and this was the sticking point in our negotiations with the dealer. So we worked with our insurance company to get documentation from the accident to confirm that the airbag had not been deployed. We submitted this information to CARFAX, and within a day or two it had been corrected. CARFAX also sent me a complimentary copy of the revised report, which we took back to the dealer, resuming negotiations. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to get the report updated.

-Kyle B.

4 thoughts on “CARFAX quickly fixed a mistake on my car’s report.”

  1. I looked on several sites for an average price SUV and found one 110 miles away. I questioned the owner and he said he was the original owner. I pulled the car fax, it showed two owners. I went to look and see the original title he said he had from when he bought it new. I looked and it was a one owner. What happened was he went to register the car in the new state but never submitted the title for a new one as it had a lien on it that he just payed off. He never completed the transaction for the new title or car fax would have known it was a one owner. Mistakes happen with owners at times and car fax knows only what has been reported, so do not hold them responsible for others mistakes.

  2. I was helping a friend with her car trade. The dealer showed her the Carfax and it said her 2003 Camry had been totaled in 2004. Not true. She had given her old car, a 1993 Camry (same color), to her granddaughter and she totaled that car in 2004. It doesn’t take nearly as much damage to total an 11 year old car as it would a year old one. Besides, who wouldn’t just take the insurance money on a one year old total wreck and just buy another? The amount of damage it would take to total a practically new car would make it undriveable, and yet she is still driving it 11 years later. Still working to straighten it out. State Farm insured both vehicles, and said they did not send that erroneous report in.

  3. Recently I went to a dealer to possibly trade my 2 year old truck in. I had been I involved in a small bumper to bumper accident not long after I purchased my truck. This accident involved no damage to my vehicle and a small scratch on the other cars bumper. When the dealer got the Carfax it said my truck had been involved in a major collision! This was a complete surprise to me and because of this the dealer wouldn’t even make me an offer! My truck should be worth about 40,000$ so this is a very serious financial issue for me because I could potentially loose thousands! In sure I can get records of the accident if necessary so if someone could please help or tell me what I should do it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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