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CARFAX keeps honest folk honest

I was looking for a Dodge Dually and found one on Craigslist.  It seemed like a good deal, the seller seemed honest and did tell me he had run a CARFAX on it but could not find it.  He said it had been wrecked a few years ago and needed a hood, bumper, fender and grille. We made a deal, then I had him send me the VIN.  Although I did not really want to spend the $40 for a CARFAX, I decided I should since I was about to spend $11,000.  I ran the CARFAX, and found it was totaled in Texas, rebuilt in Iowa, sold in MO, repossessed, and the miles in 2009 when repossessed were more than it had on it now.

I am a believer. CARFAX is a great deal when considering a purchase of a used vehicle. By the way, I did find another one, ran it through and everything checked out just like the owner had said. CARFAX keeps honest folks honest.

– M. Scott

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