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“CARFAX is a must and worth every penny!”

We were looking for a used vehicle for our 16-year old daughter; nothing fancy, but a reliable car that would get to and from school. She looked at all the sporty looking cars that appeared to be great from the outside. I told her we would get a CARFAX Report just to double check. The first car she was ready to put money down on had been in 6 major accidents. The dealer failed to mention these details, and by just looking at the vehicle you never would have known. We also looked at a vehicle that had its odometer rolled back 100,000 miles, which we would never have known without the CARFAX Report.

We finally found a used Honda that had a great CARFAX Report, showing it had only had 2 owners and had been beautifully maintained. I did not realize that CARFAX listed oil changes and maintenance records. We ended up with a great deal of a car, and felt secure using CARFAX to check the records. CARFAX is a must and worth every penny!

-Wendy F.

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