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CARFAX helped me weed out cars with bad histories and helped me find a great one!

I was replacing an older convertible that had passed 300,000 miles, and had been looking for over two months. Since convertibles are typically built low to the ground, the risk of getting a flooded car tends to be a bit higher, so I purchased a CARFAX Report to be on the safe side. After a bit of looking and a few test drives I knew what I was looking for. The CARFAX Report helped me weed out a few vehicles with prior accidents, and those with exceptionally high prices despite their histories (some were corporate or rental vehicles). I ended up finding one with such low mileage that I couldn’t believe it, but CARFAX confirmed the low mileage numbers. As an added bonus, the car had lived its entire life in an area that wasn’t known for flooding. After using Kelley Blue Book and the CARFAX pricing adjustment, I showed it to the seller and he accepted my offer. So I ended up with a 7-year old, one owner convertible with less than 7,000 miles on it.

-Doug H.

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