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CARFAX helped me take a step towards independence

My CARFAX story began in May of 2012. As a struggling college student, I saw myself in desperate need of a car of my own. The dilemma was that it’s hard to get a job without a car and it’s hard to get a car without a job and some type of strong credit history due to the economy. From here, I knew that I had to be smart about every penny I saved and I knew that I would have to buy a used vehicle.

For many months preceding May I saved and saved. Because I didn’t have extra money to hire a car inspector I had to find the next best thing. Enter CARFAX! I sought out some used vehicles at the public auto auction near my university. I bought a five car report and used it to look up a couple of vehicles.

About a week later I ended up purchasing my first car as a step into my own independence. The CARFAX report was more than accurate so I was completely comfortable in my purchase. Because of CARFAX, I was able to be an informed buyer and I believe I made a great and big decision; one important for any college student.

-W. L. Bush

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