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“CARFAX helped me pick out the honest seller from the not-so-honest.”

I wanted to sell my 2 door car to get a bigger one. I knew it had a clean title, and with the help of CARFAX I could prove it. I sold it within a day of posting it, but unfortunately the buying process was not as fast. I looked through at least 15 cars, and thanks to CARFAX I was able to see the vehicle histories and make a good decision based on that. I was surprised to see how many cars advertised having a clean title, low mileage, and being in good condition, only to find out that none of it was true. ¬†CARFAX showed me which vehicle had a salvage title, odometer rollback, service done, and even minor accidents. Eventually I found my car, and I knew more about the car’s history than the seller! CARFAX helped me pick out the honest seller from the not-so-honest.

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