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CARFAX helped me find the car I was looking for, accident free!

CARFAX has given me an edge when purchasing and selling vehicles on multiple occasions. Recently I purchased a 2008 Subaru Legacy. Throughout my search I found many Subaru’s that were priced aggressively, but CARFAX showed that many of them either had a salvage title or were in accidents with an unknown amount of damage. I finally found a Subaru for a great price and the CARFAX not only showed that the vehicle had never been in an accident, but also that it was a one owner and dealer maintained! I traveled two and a half hours to make the purchase with confidence. If not for CARFAX I could have wasted a lot of time and money, and my buying experience could have been a disaster!

I also had a great experience with CARFAX customer service. I inquired about something that I did not understand on one of the CARFAX reports, and a representative was in contact with me and answered my question in under 30 minutes!


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