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CARFAX helped me buy my car with confidence.

When my 16-year old Audi finally died, my search for a new car shifted into high gear. I spent a lot of time online searching various sites and being picky about what I spent my time going to test drive. My wife found a Lexus ES 330 that she thought I’d like, so we drove across town to meet the seller for a test drive. I was extremely happy with the test drive, and got the CARFAX Report on my phone just to be sure. To my surprise, the car had been in 2 front-end collisions. So I promptly abandoned that lead. About a week later I found another Lexus that I liked, but had a bit higher mileage than I was considering. The CARFAX Report showed zero accidents and that the car had been taken to the dealership for service every 5,000 miles. I bought the car with confidence, despite the high mileage, and am very happy with my purchase.

-Mark S.

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