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CARFAX helped me buy and sell my truck.

I have used CARFAX for years when purchasing high end cars for personal use. Used trucks are run hard and usually have high mileage. After an extensive search, I found this Nissan Titan with 138,000 miles. There were other less expensive vehicles, but they had no service records and no clean CARFAX. This truck had extensive scheduled maintenance reports and was kept up very well. This information proved to be a great asset in my purchase because 30,000 miles and 13 months later, this car has been great. I just went to sell it , and because of the CARFAX Report it sold quickly and for a good price. Two months later the buyer called to tell me how great the truck has been and how nice it was to purchase from an honest seller. The CARFAX Report helped me to buy and sell this truck.

-Joe S.

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