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CARFAX helped me avoid buying a potentially flood-damaged vehicle.

I was concerned about buying a used car that may have been involved in Hurricane Sandy flooding, and CARFAX gave me the peace of mind to know I was making a good choice. Colorado is one of the few stats that does not require sellers to specifically state whether a car may have had flood damage in a salvage title. Looking at many used SUV’s, I noticed on the CARFAX Reports that quite a few had gone to auction in the New York/New Jersey area in November 2012, right after Hurricane Sandy and were now being sold in the Denver area. I didn’t want to take a chance on one of these so I found a 2008 Highlander that had never been in that area and never had a salvage title. As an added bonus I could see the vehicle had been taken care of by the service records on the CARFAX Report. Thanks CARFAX!

-Brian C.

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