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CARFAX helped me find a great truck!

I was looking for a nice used truck, and found one I really liked. The dealer didn’t have any information about the truck and could not provide me with a history. I really wanted to see the history before I purchased the vehicle, so I called a family member who immediately got online and checked the VIN number at It provided me with the complete history, and I was completely confident in buying the truck. Thank you CARFAX!

-B. Short

2 thoughts on “CARFAX helped me find a great truck!”

  1. Just found out of damage to the right rear of a truck, just purchase from a local dealer and it was not on the car fax report. will be going back to the dealer and find what steps to fix the problem. someone lied when it was traded- in or the dealer held back the information. !!!!! # carfax how do you receive info on vehicle????

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