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CARFAX gave us the peace of mind to buy a car with high mileage.

We hunted for weeks for a bright yellow Xterra to replace the one we just lost to some black ice. We ultimately found one that had a lot of miles on it–more than 180,000. Normally we would have steered clear of a vehicle with that many miles on it, but the CARFAX Report changed our minds. The report showed amazingly detailed information for all of the miles on this 2005 model. It included nearly every oil change from dealers, as well as maintenance done by a local quick lube change store. The CARFAX Report showed oil changes, exterior light checks, fluid flushes, and a bunch of other things. It was a lot more detail than I was expecting. The information from the CARFAX Report gave us the extra push to go ahead and buy this high mileage car with the confidence that it was genuinely cared for.

-Perry W.

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