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CARFAX alleviated normal used car buying concerns

I wanted to share my recent CARFAX story with you all.

I was recently looking at a particular make and model of [a] car that I was interested in. Being in Fort Wayne, Indiana there is a limited market for decent pre-owned vehicles of the type I was searching for. I expanded my search to include a radius that encompassed the Chicagoland area.

When considering vehicles that are in and around a bigger city like Chicago, there are a lot of unknowns that could come to haunt you in the future. CARFAX was able to alleviate all of those concerns.

From the CARFAX report I purchased I was able to locate a vehicle that had never been in an accident and had an excellent service history. To take it a step further I was able to tell from the CARFAX report where the vehicle had been serviced since purchased. I used this information to call up the service department of the dealership listed and “interview” the service attendant as to the condition and history of the vehicle.

With all of this information I was able to make a smart decision to purchase the vehicle that would suit my desires and needs.

I will always use the CARFAX report when looking at or guiding friends in the purchase of a pre-owned vehicle.

Thank you so much CARFAX!!!

-C. A. Slyby

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