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Fourth Time’s the Charm

I did use CARFAX to purchase our most recent car. In regards to potential cars we were interested in the CARFAX reports turned out as follows:

1st) Odometer Rollback
2nd) Odometer Rollback
3rd) Salvage/Rebuilt
4th) Clear

None of these cars were advertised as having any of the above problems. Thank you CARFAX! I did wonder if the people selling their car even knew. Many people are willing to buy a car with out this report, and may never know what lurks in their own car’s history. Too scary for me.

We ended up buying a car through a CARFAX dealerĀ (the second car we have purchased this way in the last four months). As you know, the report this way is FREE!!! We purchased it from Robert at Reid Automotive in Carrolton, TX. It was a great experience.

-DL Jones

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