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Incredible Story of Burned-Out Van from Unfixed Recall


“Parked the van, came in, and sat around watched TV, whatever, and went to bed.  About 11:30 the wife took the dog outside and noticed smoke that had caught fire from an electrical recall they had that was under the driver seat.

Having the CARFAX information, especially the recall information is important, because it could save you a fire, or worse.

This wire right here, was actually the wire that was hooked to that component under the seat, and according to the fire marshal’s report this is where the fire originated.

This was actually the cover of the box that was covering the unit under the seat and it used to rectangle, and now this is all that is left. It could have been real bad, yeah. Had it spread to the back, where I had the propane torch and the glue which is highly flammable, if that stuff had caught fire it would have been a fireball,

Well 3,500 buck for the van. After losing the van I lost a couple jobs that could have been a couple grand there, I lost a day’s pay, and had to spend money to fix up my old truck to get it going so I would have something to ride in. Had I had a CARFAX I wouldn’t have had this $8,000 loss.”

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One thought on “Incredible Story of Burned-Out Van from Unfixed Recall”

  1. 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 4w/d
    looking for recall information regarding drive shaft failure. while driving on hwy drive shaft came down and pushed thru the gas tank.

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